Leonardo J. Basso is Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering. He received his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering (1999) and his Master degree in Transportation Engineering (2001) from Universidad de Chile. He obtained his PhD from the Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia, Canada (2006).

Leo Basso's areas of research are transport economics and industrial organization. He has a particular interest on air transport, focusing on the industrial economics aspects such as privatization and pricing of airports, industry structure and the economics of frequent flyer programs. He has published a number of recent papers on urban public transport, emphasizing the interaction of modal split and different policies such as bus lanes, congestion pricing and transit subsidies, and the resulting congestion and service levels and overall welfare. He also researches on more pure industrial organization and antitrust issues, such as collusion, R&D and regulation through mechanism design.

He teaches Microeconomics (IN2201) and Competition and Regulation in Transport Markets (CI5310). He is also affiliated with the Instituto Sistemas Complejos de IngenierĂ­a.